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Let Gateway Janitorial Services, Inc. take care of your facility. Our company offers a full range of building maintenance and janitorial services. From the most straightforward jobs to those requiring great detail, Gateway Janitorial Services, Inc. takes care of the job. Contact us at (636) 856-0392 for more information on our specialized services or request a quote for janitorial maintenance at your complex.

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Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is defined as; cleaning that protects health without harming the environment. Our ultimate goal is to keep your facility clean and protect your health. We have integrated green cleaning into our work to do our part in helping preserve the environment and your well-being. Gateway Janitorial Services, Inc. understands the importance of eco-friendly cleaning, and while we believe that someday it will be a requirement for all building contractors, we want to take advantage
of it now.

We Have Extended Our Services to Tile and Grout

Our new King Cobra® 1200 Pro device cleans multiple surfaces. This innovative machine power washes tile, grout, and other hard surfaces with 1200 psi. It immediately vacuums up the filthy water, leaving floors cleaner and drier than any other hard surface cleaning method currently available. This device will clean hard surfaces, but it is also a heated carpet extractor. With an adjustable 150 to 500 psi pump and instant 212F hot water at the wand tip, this machine is a perfect fit for maintenance or restorative cleaning. The King Cobra® 1200 Pro has achieved the Gold level of certification from CRI’s Seal
of Approval program.

We proudly service Charles, Lincoln, Warren, and St. Louis Counties.

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